b_350_197_16777215_00_images_3-4-1.jpegIn order to honour the memory of the distinguished scientist Academician Bruno Pontecorvo and to reward and motivate young scientists, the Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research established annual Bruno Pontecorvo Scholarships. According to the Competition Regulations, not more than one scholarship can be granted per year and the young scientist can be granted it only once.


The DLNP Directorate appoints a committee on considering scholarship candidates. Not later than December 1, the Committee takes a decision on granting the Bruno Pontecorvo Scholarship. The Committee’s decision is to be approved by the DLNP Director.

Bruno Pontecorvo Scholarship’s candidates can be nominated by members of the DLNP Directorate, heads of experimental departments and independent sectors, and also leaders of scientific topics. The brief summary of papers, overall list of publications, and short biography are to be submitted for each applicant.

DLNP staff members, who at the moment of the announcement of the Scholarship Competition have been working at DLNP for not less than three years after receiving their academic degrees of a specialist or master and who is aged below 35, are eligible to take part in the Bruno Pontecorvo Scholarship Competition.

Selecting candidates for receiving the Bruno Pontecorvo Scholarship, the relevance and significance of the scientific topic the applicant was or is involved in, his/her personal contribution to the results obtained, their introduction at seminars and conferences will be considered.

The amount of the scholarship is determined by the order of the DLNP Director for the whole year before the start of scholarship payment.

The scholarship holder receives a certificate about granting the Bruno Pontecorvo Scholarship. The information about granting the Bruno Pontecorvo Scholarship will be published on the websites of DLNP and JINR, and also in the JINR weekly.

Applications are to be submitted through November 20.