About half of readers in Russia prefer printed books to e-books. A habit, pleasant tactile sensation, convenience (one can dog ear pages, underline phrases, read in a plane) ― these are the reasons of the evergreen popularity of printed books. What is more, with e-books one cannot swap books as a part of a bookcrossing community.

The read books can get the second, third, and even the ninth life. Have you already read them? Pass them to your friends, bring them to the library or exchange them for another book at a special bookcrossing point ― on a shelf in a room or in a special street bookcase.

BookSwap shelves have appeared recently at the Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems ― both in the main DLNP building and in the relaxing room of the Radiochemical Laboratory (the second floor, near the conference hall). The books are already waiting for you there. Come! Take them and read! And bring yours!


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