On Friday, 17 June 2022, the exhibition “Science in Comic Strips: an Easy Way to Explain Complicated Things” was opened at the JINR Universal Library. The organizers talked about an art experiment of the Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems on educational visualization of its investigations.



Five comic strips refer to studies performed by the DLNP Sector of Molecular Genetics of the Cell under the guidance of Elena Kravchenko, Candidate of Biology.

This exhibition is a joint project of DLNP and the Komikadze group.

Komikadze is a collaborative association of scriptwriters, artists, illustrators and science educators. In 2018, the book “For Certain” was published, Russia’s first comic strip book about current scientific research with famous scientists as characters. Since then, the group communicates science and promotes brands using comic strips, pictures and illustrations. Skoltech, MSU, HSE, “Russia’s movement of schoolchildren”, Laba.Media, Bookmate and others are among the Komikadze partners.

At the opening ceremony:
Elena Dubovik, the head of the DLNP Group of Scientific Communication, talked about science comic strips ― what they are and how they help illustrate complicated but really breathtaking studies of DLNP biologists.

Mikhail Zarubin, a junior research scientist of the Sector of Molecular Genetics of the Cell, talked about his trip to the Baksan Neutrino Observatory of INR of RAS and about sampling in remote unused parts of the tunnel.

Kirill Tarasov, a bioinformatician of the Sector of Molecular Genetics of the Cell, talked about reconstruction of individual genomes from Baksan samples and also about discovery of new bacterium species.

Lina Aleksuynayte, a scriptwriter of the Komikadze group, talked about the way a comic strip script comes to life and about the cooperation with scientists…

To read the comic strips, click the link: Science comic strips. The joint project of DLNP and the Komikadze group