Today, on 22 June, it is the 95th anniversary of the birthday of Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, professor Lev Iosifovich Lapidus.

L. I. Lapidus came to Dubna after graduating from MEPhI in 1950. He became one of those remarkable representatives of the first wave of physicists who promoted science establishing the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

Commemorating Lev Iosifovich Lapidus on his birthday, we compiled on our website memories of his family, friends and colleagues. The daughters of L. I. Lapidus, Alla and Irina, B. Z. Kopeliovich, G. I. Lykasov, Yu. A. Usov, and B. M. Sabirov shared their stories.




He appears in these memories as a cultivated and kind-hearted person, gifted scientist, liberal leader, successful science administrator, wonderful teacher, and loving father.

Unfortunately, Lev Iosifovich passed away early. However, he succeeded in many areas: aged 32, he defended his doctoral dissertation, became a professor being 35, supervised a great number of talented scientists. For 22 years, he acted as a deputy LNP director of science. He headed the scientific seminar at the Laboratory of High-Energy Physics. He was a great theoretician and his calculations led to quantitative conclusions that could be used for conducting experiments and correctly interpreting data. He authored above 60 papers.

Devoting himself to science, he was at the same time an amazing father and husband, a true friend and a brilliant personality ― he read a lot, was fond of photography, filming, and collecting.

Friends and the family warmly and thankfully remember Lev Iosifovich:

Memories about Lev Iosifovich Lapidus