On 4 March 2022, two compact precision laser inclinometers (CPLIs) designed at the Experimental Department of Multiple Hadronic Processes at the Sector of Mikhail Vasilevich Lyablin were transported to the experimental hall of the MPD NICA detector.

The main objective of the operational start of two inclinometers is determining the level of angular microseismic vibrations in the immediate vicinity of the MPD detector, and later, with an inclinometer network developed, along the entire perimeter of the NICA collider.

Measuring angular microseisms in the frequency range of 1―10 Hz is of great importance both for investigating the impact of such vibrations on the NICA beam stability and for converging the beams at the detector centre with subsequent determination of the collider luminosity variation value.

The CPLIs are being installed on special plates fastened at the end of the rails for movable MPD detector platforms. The rails are mounted on a concrete base. It enables measuring angular inclination values at the detector location area. The installation of two CPLIs is needed for more reliable detection of the amplitude and frequency of Earth’s surface vibrations. At the first stage, offline monitoring of CPLI data recorded on local storage media is supposed to be performed. After the Ethernet is ready, the online control and continuous monitoring of detector base vibrations will be available in the MPD hall.

V. V. Glagolev, M. V. Lyablin


image1MPD detector assembly in the experimental hall. In the foreground: a CPLI before the assembly on a special plate fixed to a rail. Left to right: A. A. Pluzhnikov, A. M. Kuzkin, V. V. Glagolev, K. Polyakov | Photo by M. V. Lyablin


image2K. Polyakov and M. V. Lyablin mounting a CPLI in the MPD hall | Photo by V. V. Glagolev