The JINR Department of Licenses and Intellectual Property announces that on 5 July 2021, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research got a Certificate of State Registration of the software program “VerifyTreat program of automatic verification of patient’s position during beam therapy” authored by Konstantin Nikolaevich Shipulin.

SHipulin EVM 20216610431The program is designed for verification of patient’s position during beam therapy. An important point of assurance of the quality of a high dose applied to the tumour is verification of the patient’s position in relation to the proton beam. To achieve this, a software and hardware complex was elaborated and implemented, including the REGIUS 170 digitizer, a system for digital X-ray imaging; an optical sensor for determining the position of the platform on the therapy bench and a PC with the VerifyTreat software. The software program allows downloading initial data from the REGIUS 170 working station, reading out information from the optical sensor and performing the comparative bone structure analysis of two identical images – of a reference position of the patient (modelled by the RayTreat planning program) and of an X-ray image of the current position of the patient (data from the REGIUS 170 digitizer).
Computer type: IBM PC compatible computer based on the Intel and AMD processors. Operating system: Windows 7 and follow-ups.