WhatsApp Image 2021 06 03 at 08.42.23The invention by the scientists of the Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems Sergey Nikolaevich Dolya and Viktor Ivanovich Smirnov “Resonant capacitor charger” (Patent of RF № 2734903 of 26 October 2020) was included in Top 100 best inventions in Russia in the second half of the year 2020. For the first time, the JINR researchers and JINR itself as a right owner won such a high recognition of the National Patent Service of Russia.


Since 2007, Rospatent and the Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIIP) annually select 100 best inventions of the year. FIIP branch experts select inventions and create the “Promising inventions” data base by giving them the highest mark. Then, the selection committee of heads of the branch expert departments with the FIIP director as a chair approves the list of the best inventions and recommends it to be public announced. Patent-holders of the best inventions are awarded Rospatent diplomas, which is the highest recognition of the experts from the National Patent Service of Russia.



More about the invention

The resonant capacitor charger refers to electrical and transforming technology and can be used for power supply of pulsed loads. The invention solves technical problems both of charging the capacitor up to the voltage which many times exceeds that of the power source and of reducing charging time. The device turns on the power source, series connected transistor, inductor and capacitor. The charge-exchange inductor and the limiting transistor are connected to the capacitor in parallel. Due to the capacitor overcharge to the opposite charge voltage, the charge current amplitudes increase in magnitude from one cycle to another. Thus, the energy transmitted to the capacitor also increases from cycle to cycle, and charging time of the capacitor reduces.



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Economic effect and application:

In the near future, supercapacitors based on the novel technology are intended for application in circuit configurations where the instantaneous power maximum is needed. For example, in car and locomotive starters or where continuous power supply at one level is required ― in server rooms or big data storages. The economic effect can be achieved by using less powerful and easier available power sources.



Rospatent commentary:

The technology allows supercapacitors to instantly supply the voltage many times higher than that of a power source! Engineering solution is that in the resonant capacitor charger there are two oscillating circuits ― one as a part of the other with current alternatively supplied to them. The charge can be increased by using the given current fluctuation or by changing the polarity of the capacitor to be charged.