The report presented a number of studies performed for the Mu2e and T2K experiments. The Mu2e experiment at the Fermi National Laboratory will be aimed at searching for the neutrinoless conversion of a muon into an electron in the field of an aluminum nucleus. The registration of such a process would mean the detection of a violation of the lepton flavor in the decays of charged leptons and the detection of the effects of New Physics.

The report discussed methods for energy calibration of the electromagnetic calorimeter of the Mu2e detector, presents a method for calibration by electrons from muon decays in orbit in a reduced magnetic field.
T2K ("Tokai to Kamioka") is an accelerator experiment studying neutrino oscillations. The experiment is being conducted in Japan at the J-PARC accelerator complex. The report presents the results of studies to estimate the uncertainty of measuring the muon momentum by its path in the ND280 detector, discusses the potential of an experiment to search for light dark matter.
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