The recording of the DLNP seminar “High-Energy Neutrinos from Blazars: Three Years Later” given by Alexander Plavin on December 22, 2022.

The evidence for bright radio blazars being high-energy neutrino sources was found in recent years. Specifics of how and where these particles get produced still remain not fully determined. We test and refine our earlier findings on the neutrino-blazars connection by utilizing a total of 71 track-like high-energy IceCube events from 2009-2022.


We correlate them with the complete sample of 3412 extragalactic radio sources selected by their compact radio emission. We demonstrate that neutrinos are statistically associated with radio-bright blazars with the post-trial p-value of 3*10^-4. In addition to this statistical study, we confirm previous individual neutrino-blazar associations, find and discuss several new ones.