The recording of the seminar "How to Prepare a Good Scientific Report" given by Dmitry Naumov, a Deputy DLNP Director of Science, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, a lecturer with many years of experience. The seminar was held on December 12, 2022, at the Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems within the project "Lifehacks of Some Use for a Scientist".

Are you about to present your research work at a science seminar, to report it at a conference or to give a popular science lecture for a large audience? Do you want to impress your listeners and doubt about your ability to explain everything simply? Or are you an experienced speaker and would like to speak in public even better? Are you keen to share your knowledge but do not know how to structure it to meet the schedule? Dmitry shared easy rules how to prepare a good scientific report followed by himself. At the seminar, he talked about what material should be presented on slides and in which way to arrange it, how to communicate with the audience, and how to answer questions. Also, typical slips happening during public speaking were discussed.