The recording of the DLNP seminar “TAIGA Experiment: Status and Prospects” given by Andrey Grinyuk on December 15, 2022. The deployment of the pilot TAIGA complex was completed in 2022. The complex takes an area of 1 square kilometre and consists of 120 wide-angle optical stations TAIGA-HiSCORE, three atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes TAIGA-IACT with the image analysis and muon detectors TAIGA-Muon.

The TAIGA complex is aimed at solving a wide range of problems in high-energy gamma-ray astronomy, physics of charged cosmic rays and astroparticle physics. The TAIGA astronomical complex is the northernmost gamma-ray observatory, and its location provides advantages of observing high declination sources. At the seminar, the scientific objectives of the facility, its sensitivity, status and prospects were presented.