The recording of the DLNP seminar “Flux-Integrated Semi-Exclusive Cross Sections for Charged-Current Quasielastic and Neutral-Current Elastic Neutrino Scattering off Argon and Effects of Short-Baseline Neutrino Oscillations” given by A. V. Butkevich on November 23, 2022. Flux-integrated semi-exclusive differential cross sections for charged-current quasielastic and neutral-current elastic neutrino scattering off argon were analyzed.

The cross sections are calculated using the relativistic distorted-wave impulse approximation with values of the nucleon axial mass М_А=1 GeV and 1.2 GeV. The elastic scattering cross sections were also computed for different strange quark contributions to the neutral-current axial form factor. The flux-integrated differential cross sections as functions of reconstructed neutrino energy are evaluated for the near and far detectors of the SBN experiment. The effects of the short-baseline neutrino oscillations are taken into account within the 3+1 model. We found that ratios of the cross sections calculated for the far and near detectors depend on oscillation parameters and can be used to search for muon and active neutrino disappearance in the SNB experiment.