The analysis of the requirements for a power-stabilized single-mode laser source with fiber-optic radiation output has been carried out. A method for stabilizing laser radiation power using an ADC and a DAC is presented. The application of this method improved the daily laser power stability for the semiconductor fiber laser (Thorlabs S1FC635) from a relative level of 1.15∙10-2 to 6∙10-4.

Per day in a frequency range of 10-5-0.01 Hz, the power stability was increased by 10 times, for time intervals of measurement with a duration of four hours in a frequency range of 10-4 Hz - ∙10-3 Hz by 100 times. In thermally insulated conditions, the stability indicator was set at a relative level of 4.5∙10-4 for 38 hours (for the laser power of 0.5 mW, the mean square power instability of 2.25∙10-4 mW was obtained).