Investigation of coherent elastic neutrino−nucleus scattering is an interesting task for modern physics. This process has not been detected for reactor neutrinos yet. After detection, it will open the way to search for New Physics by the search for non-standard neutrino interactions, search for sterile neutrinos, and other studies. It will also open up a possibility for applied research like reactor monitoring and remote control.



The νGeN experimental setup is located under Reactor Unit #3 of the Kalinin nuclear power plant (KNPP) at a distance of about 10 m from the center of the reactor core. This gives a possibility for operating an enormous neutrino flux greater than 5×1013 neutrinos/ (cm2×sec). The location of the experimental room under the reactor core provides about 50 m w. e. of overburden serving as good shielding against cosmic radiation. Signals from neutrino scattering are detected with the help of specially developed high-purity low-threshold germanium detectors. The detectors at KNPP are surrounded by a system of passive and active shielding reducing the external background in the region of interest. In 2021, the works on equipment optimization were completed and the planned measurements were started. The first results obtained from the comparison of the spectra taken with the reactor ON and OFF will be presented.