Neutrino dynamics in hot and dense matter corresponding to supernova explosions is considered. The kinetic equation for the neutrino phase-space distribution function is obtained taking into account inelastic scattering by nuclear particles. Transfer and diffusion components in the energy space are argued to dominate in transport properties. It is shown that the energy transfer coefficient changes from positive to negative values when neutrino energy exceeds four times the matter temperature. The effects on neutrino dynamics and energy spectra are discussed. Possibilities of observing the supernova neutrino flux by Large Volume Neutrino Telescopes (IceCube, KM3NeT, Baikal-GVD detectors) are analyzed.




The authors: Kondratyev V. N., Dzhioev A. A., Torekhan D., Vdovin A. I.
1. Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, JINR, 141980-RU Dubna, Russia;
2. State University “Dubna”, 141982 Dubna, Russia