The DUNE experiment aimed at determining the phase responsible for CP violation and determination of neutrino mass ordering is being prepared at DLNP within the topic “Neutrino oscillation research”. A modular liquid-argon time projection chamber (ND-LAr TPC) is proposed for the Near Detector as a target and the system detecting neutrino interactions.

The ND-LAr Consortium embraces several tens of institutes, including JINR.

The JINR responsibility is the design of the light detection system, including light detectors, readout electronics and the DAQ system, and its integration into the general DAQ DUNE ND system.

The main purpose of the light detection system is production of fast signals for the charge readout system (~10 ns) determining initial drift time t0. Additional requirements for the system are to distinguish signal overlapping within the time interval less than one microsecond, to associate single events with the initial top (within a nanosecond) and to reduce the uncertainty of energy measurement through light collection. The proposed configuration of the light detection system based on wavelength shifting fibers greatly outperforms the analogues in light collection efficiency.

The following points were discussed at the seminar:

• configuration of the DUNE ND-LAr TPC;
• charge readout system and light readout system;
• analysis of the data gained during the 2020~2021
testing period;
• manufacture and test schedule for 2021~2022.