The main achievements of the project "Precision laser metrology for accelerators and detector complexes" in 2015−2021 are presented. Laser metrology is actively evolving at JINR, and application of project developments increases in mega-science research complexes every year.
After the project prolongation, a unique small-sized monolithic precision laser inclinometer (PLI) will be created with characteristics, sufficient for its use in interferometric gravitational antennas (VIRGO, Telescope Einstein), in angular seismic isolation systems for the NICA, LHC and FCC colliders and in a PLI network for earthquake prediction in Armenia and Uzbekistan.


After the project prolongation, metrological instrumentation being actively developed will go into experimental testing. Another project outcome can be an innovative robotic measuring system for online monitoring of geometric parameters of the LHC and, subsequently, of the FCC.

Project prolongation for 2021-2023.