The participation of the JINR group in a very successful Japanese experimental program on neutrino physics was discussed — in the ongoing T2K-II experiment and the Hyper-Kamiokande project.
The already approved T2K-II experimental program will allow extending the T2K running time until 2026 and collecting statistics of up to 20x1021 protons on target to observe the CP violation with the 3σ significance or higher and to measure neutrino mixing parameters, \(\Theta_{23}\)  and \(\Lambda m^2_{32}\), with a precision of 1,7 % or better and 1% respectively.


In order to achieve these goals, upgrades of the J-PARC accelerator complex and ND280, the Near Detector, are being performed. The DLNP contribution to modernization of ND280 was considered, namely, to the creation of a new unique active target, consisting of ~ 2 million cubic scintillators, which makes it possible to reconstruct particle tracks in three projections. Plans for further participation in the T2K collaboration and in the Hyper-Kamiokande project were discussed.

The seminar was held in connection with the proposal to open the Project.