Over the last two decades, the groundbreaking discovery of neutrino oscillations assured the leading role of neutrino physics in physical research. It is obvious that for the next two decades, neutrino physics will keep its crucial position in modern physics and search for answers to some fundamental questions about the structure of our Universe.
There are three research directions of the topic “Non-Accelerator Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics” with common approaches and resources: Double beta decay (NEMO-3&SuperNEMO, G&M&LEGEND and MONUMENT experiments); reactor antineutrino experiments (DANSS - search for sterile neutrinos, GEMMA - neutrino magnetic moment, vGEN – coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering); astrophysics (BAIKAL–GVD - the deep-underwater neutrino telescope, EDELWEISS - search for dark matter). It should be emphasized that scientists from Dubna contribute a lot to these world-class experiments.