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It was the last day of the Kamchatka School. The participants communicated with each other exchanging emotions, and all conversations had a clear message: “The Kamchatka School was a success!” The whole year spent on its preparing did not pass in vain. Present-day knowledge, positive feelings, and smiles on the faces of new friends, striking light-blue sky, fresh air, high volcanoes, and eagerness to learn something new and to share this knowledge with the others - all of these we will surely remember. Actually, that is why we have come here together!
Moreover, the weather made us a generous present as if feeling our joy: a bright and warm day.

Someone joked that it was the day of three “sh”. Sheshukov, Shvetsov and Shevtsov were surnames of today’s lecturers whose presentations would finish the School scientific programme. Andrey Sheshukov (DLNP JINR) gave the final lecture of the series “Particle Physics Applications”, Valery Shvetsov (FLNP JINR) reported on “Neutron Physics”. Boris Shevtsov, D. in Ph.-Math. Sc., senior researcher from the Institute for Cosmophysical Research and Radiowave Propagation FEB RAS, made a preview of the results obtained in the ICRR FEB RAN investigations: “Turbulence and wave scaling as the basis for contemporary views on the universe dynamics”. At this point, the scientific programme of the School was completed.

Rector of the Vitus Bering Kamchatka State University Irina Nikolayevna Khokhlova and Co-chair of the School Organizing Committee Igor Ivanov made concluding remarks.

The Kamchatka School on Elementary Particle Physics and Related Topics was over!

We would like to express our appreciation to those who took part in organizing this School for their valuable help. We thank JINR Director Academician Victor Anatolyevich Matveyev for his full support of this event; all the JINR services for prompt action when in trouble; Igor Ivanov and Dmitry Naumov for having been both moving spirits behind the event and Co-chairs of the Organizing Committee; Alina Vishnyeva and Konstantin Treskov for assistance as scientific secretaries; the Vitus Bering Kamchatka State University (especially, Rector Irina Nikolayevna Khokhlova, Deputy Rector Veronika Nikolayevna Yefimenko, and all the undergraduates, postgraduates, and volunteers having participated in the School); the Institute for Cosmophysical Research and Radiowave Propagation FEB RAS (especially, ICRR Director Yuri Valentinovich Marapulets). We thank all the presenters for their outstanding lectures; all the participants having discussed many relevant topics. We also appreciate the hospitality of the staff at the health resort “Zhemchuzhina Kamchatki”. See you soon!

However, our notes are still not finished: there are plenty of both unpublished photos and videos left.

For this reason, to be continued…