IMG 1812Nikolay Anfimov and Aleksandr Selyunin had brought two entire test stands for laboratory session in dosimetry and gamma spectrometry. The School listeners were familiarized with real equipment used in nuclear physics: a photomultiplier tube, a scintillation counter, an A/D converter with time sampling, as well as a software for data collection and data processing based on the Data Analysis Framework ROOT. Within this session, the School participants measured the Potassium-40 spectrum of potash fertilizer, the Thorium-232 spectrum of welding rods WT-20 containing Thorium alloy; defined the radiation dose that everyone gets from the natural background and that correlates perfectly with the results of household dosimeter based on Geiger counter.


Radiation background of Kamchatka does not differ remarkable from that one in Dubna and is approximately 0,07 – 0,10 µSv/h. At the end of the laboratory session, the scientists were asked to set free their creativity and assemble a muon telescope bringing two counters into coincidence. Joyful and enthusiastic were the participants having detected cosmic muon signals!

Photo by Andrey Yudin.


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To be continued...