Yu. N. Uzikov (on behalf of the SPD NICA working group) "Physics Programme for the First Stage of the NICA SPD Experiments"
General lab seminar
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Wednesday 20 January 2021, 11:00

Experiment proposals for the first stage of the Spin Physics Programme at the NICA collider using the Spin Physics Detector (SPD), previously presented at the workshop held October 5-6, 2020 (https://indico.jinr.ru/event/1525/), will be overviewed.  Spin observables in the p-p, p-d and d-d collisions are considered at energies \(\sqrt {S_{NN}}=3.4-10\) GeV in the diffraction region, as well as at large transversal transferred momenta.  Spin amplitudes of the elastic pN scattering connected with these processes, the deuteron structure at short distances, multiquark configurations, color transparency, effects at the threshold of charm production will be discussed. Suggestions for search for physics beyond the Standard Model will be also considered, in particular, the test of T-invariance in double polarized pd scattering.


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