Design and Development of a Test Zone for Methodical Studies of Detectors at the Linear Electron Accelerator at DLNP by Gostkin
General lab seminar
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Wednesday 05 April 2023, 11:00

R&D of detectors and instrumentation is a necessary condition for a continuous progress of experimental nuclear physics and particle physics. Preparation of new accelerator experiments requires the development of new types of detectors capable of working under high load and at the same time providing the required accuracy and reliability of particle registration.

The lack of electron test beams at JINR slows down the progress of research of this kind aimed at the construction of precise electromagnetic calorimeters and coordinate detectors for the future MPD and SPD experiments at the NICA collider, photon imaging detectors, radiation-hard devices and dosimeter devices.

The seminar discusses the design of an infrastructure based on the LINAC-200 linear electron accelerator for methodological research with electron beams at an energy of 20 MeV and 200 MeV.

It is planned to use a test zone based on LINAC-200 for experiments on the study of photonuclear reactions and for applied research (radiation materials science, radiation genetics, etc.).

(In connection with the opening of a new project.)

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