Application of Spectrometric Methods and Low-Temperature Germanium Bolometers for Direct Search for Dark Matter Particles and Rare Processes by Evgeny Yakushev
General lab seminar
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Wednesday 28 September 2022, 11:00

Nonbaryonic particle dark matter is considered to be practically an alternative explanation for the numerous data of astrophysics and cosmology. The Standard Model contains no dark matter particles, so their search by different methods is simultaneously a search for New Physics. The key element of the search should be the laboratory observation of scattering of such particles off ordinary matter. That can be done by nuclear spectrometric methods using HPGe bolometers. The desired sensitivity level should be sufficient to test current theoretical models, limiting the space of free parameters for dark matter search by alternative methods. 

The seminar will present the accumulated results of the EDELWEISS project aimed at direct detection of dark matter particles from the galactic halo by searching their scattering in Ge bolometers. EDELWEISS made a breakthrough in detection technology, consistently creating new HPGe bolometers, the use of which allows conducting research with a low background and exploring the near-zero energy region. Over the past two decades, the results of the direct search for dark matter particles using bolometers had a significant impact on the development of this field of modern physics. Currently, a new Ricochet project has grown out of EDELWEISS related to the use of detectors created by EDELWEISS for the precision study of neutrino properties via its coherent scattering off nuclei.

(Based on the doctoral dissertation.)




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