Portrait Photos.

2020-03-03 12.17.40
Andrey Emelyanov
2020-03-03 12.18.00
Konstantin Konischev
2020-03-03 12.18.14
Vladimir Rushai
2020-03-03 12.18.21
Andrey Korobchenko
2020-03-03 12.18.33
Bair Shaibonov
2020-03-03 12.18.38
Vladimir Shatunov
2020-03-03 12.18.44
Maksim Sorokovikov
2020-03-03 12.18.56
Stanislav Vasilyevich Fialkovsky

Hard working on the second string of the new sixth telescope cluster. Kostya Konischev’s team is ahead of schedule.

It is a clear day today. The sun is shining brightly. And as if to keep the balance in nature, there is a quite strong wind called “Barguzin”. That is why our hands and faces are freezing while the sun is warm.

Meanwhile, two clusters are being assembled.

On the sixth cluster, the team of Maks Sorokovnikov is mounting the fifth string.

Photos and videos by Mikhail Zhukov.

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