The working on the ice is physically hard. The hands are often in the water. Clothing sometimes gets dirty. It distinguishes the expedition activities from those at an office. The more joyful it was to have a bathhouse on the shore where the “Baikalians” could have a rest in the evening. It is still there, but it seems that it will become soon a thing of the past. In a short time, the bathhouse will be replaced by a new one.
Baikalians like their steam bath and sweat there with pleasure. Since there are no women nor children around, only bears, we can go out of the steam room naked without any shame and cool down in the frosty air. Once Volodya Rushai and I were standing au naturel on the porch, looking at stars and thinking whether a neutrino would come from there right now. Suddenly, San Sanych came to the porch in his full winter outfit.
“Why are you staying here?” he asked.
“Why not?” said I. “The bathhouse is teeming with people. We are waiting our turn.”
“Oh, I see,” he answered. “It would be better if I come a bit later.”
“Don’t worry,” said Volodya very seriously in his usual way. “Undress right here and join the queue.”
Bursting out laughing, I almost fell down from the porch. Volodya has a very fine sense of humour.

Who is curious to have a look at the steam bath, the “tech-glade”, the bridge, how to get water from the river, and what helps the river to flow into Lake Baikal, watch the video.