The village of Ivanovka is a monosettlement. Its population is engaged in one “city-forming enterprise”, the Baikal Neutrino Telescope. Ivanovka is expanding. New neighbourhood is growing up, the surrounding countryside is being improved. This heaven on earth is carefully supervised by Mayor of Ivanovka Anatolich. The full namesake of our Acting Expedition Chief. Watch the video and listen to his plans. Vote for our Mayor! The best mayor in the village!

A lot of our viewers asked me to tell them about living conditions in the expedition. Let us have a look. If you are our guest one day, you would first visit an “old glade”, then a “new glade”. The latter is an area of luxury hotels where our “Baikalians” live. It is not far away. There is a shower, a steam bath, several houses for two persons at your disposal. The houses are really comfortable inside. And the high-speed internet connection is everywhere.