It is the former Shore Centre of the Neutrino Telescope. This building will stand forever. Within its lifetime it witnessed a lot. Once it was a railway station of the Circum-Baikal Railway. Afterwards, it became the Shore Centre of the Neutrino Telescope of the Institute for Nuclear Research of the AS of the USSR. Nowadays, it is an old, but still operating, Shore Neutrino Centre. People live there, assemble switching modules, store scientific devices.

Severe neutrino winds have worn out its facade. Cosmic rays have put a part of its electronics out of operation. Expanding space of the Universe has taken away a good deal of energy out of its cellars.

Nevertheless, the Centre has survived. Against all odds, it moves through space and time, doing its job and pushing apart space with its huge body. Time layers upon it leaving its imprints behind. And that all is in a strict agreement with Einstein’s General Relativity.

This summer the Centre will be renovated.