2019 03 18 18.46.32The 12th of March is Anatolich’s birthday! He is two fives old. On this occasion he got dressed up. Above his worn overall, he tied a necktie.

Everyone warmly and heartily wished him all the best, got the task for today and went to work. The birthday is not the reason to relax when every day counts.


In the evening, at about 11 pm, they would gather at Anatolich’s place – in his kung (a frame metal-body van), say him their happy-birthdays, have some tea, sing songs and tomorrow, go back to work.

2019 03 18 12.59.56

Energetic and fresh, without usual talks about “I have a headache”. During the Baikal expedition, aches and pains could and should be wherever one likes, but the head must be kept clear. There is no reason for a head to ache. An expedition of such a scale would be impossible without its supporting staff: drivers, electricians, welders, cooks, motormen etc. Is it hard to think of a welder or a tractor driver abstinent from alcohol in the remote Russia’s region? Yes, it is. Here, however, it is easy. Almost easy. Drunkards do not linger here. They could let all of us down while every minute is precious.

The installation of the fourth cluster is almost finished now. Just a little, and we can start with the fifth one! We continued running the cable, the tractor got broken. It must be repaired. Every now and then we come across some obstacles…

The third cluster… It seems that all assembling-disassembling is complete. At night we will test its data acquisition.

In the evening, everything is weary. Even the ice.