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The TAIGA Collaboration Workshop takes place at DLNP on 5–8June2018. Representatives from Russian and German research centers participate in the workshop, discussing physical results obtained at the facility in 2015–2018, its current development status, and the nearest future prospects.An emphasis is placed on completing the fabrication of the second IACT-2gamma telescope at JINR, which is scheduled to be sent to Tunka this July. 

The hybrid astrophysical facility TAIGA is intended for detecting extended air showers (EASs) from ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays and gamma rays.It is situated in the Tunka valley, Buryatia, and consists of several types of detectors: wide-angle Cherenkov detectors HiSCORE, Cherenkov gamma telescopes IACT, muon detectors TAIGA-Muons, and EAS radio radiation detectors Tunka-REX. 

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