220px Gg to ttH

Yesterday, on 04 June 2018, two experiments, ATLAS and CMS, at the LHC, CERN, reported a discovery that relates two particles: the Higgs boson and the top quark.The scientists measured for the first time direct interaction of the Higgs boson with the top quark during a rare subatomic process.

The Higgs boson was predicted in the 1960s and observed in the CMS and ATLAS experiments in 2012 in collisions of LHC-generated protons by detecting particles into which is decays.The Higgs mechanism, which involves the Higgs boson, gives masses to elementary particles while leaving the photon massless.The Standard Model would be incomplete without the Higgs mechanism at LHC energies.Therefore, the t quark, most massive of quarks, must have the strongest relation to the Higgs boson.Production of a Higgs boson with a top–antitop quark pair (tt̄H) is a rare process, but it allows one to observe how these particles are related to each other.The top quark was observed in the CDF and DZero experiments at Fermilab’s Tevatron in 1995. Despite predictions of scientists about interaction of the top quark with the Higgs boson, all indications were, until now, below the threshold that allowed claiming a discovery. Now everything is quite different after the publications in Physical Review Letters and arXiv.org