On 19–21 April 2018, the Daya Bay Analysis Workshop is held at the IHEP in Beijing. The results to be presented in the summer are discussed.

Daya Bay is the first experiment to discover disappearance of reactor electron neutrinos because of mixing with the third mass state at the confidence level of more than five standard deviations and the first reactor experiment to measure neutrino mass splitting Δm²₃₂. Up to date, the Daya Bay measurements of both parameters are best in precision. Eight identical detectors, each with 20 t of liquid gadolinium scintillator, are used in the experiment. The detectors are located on three experimental sites and measure the flux and spectrum of electron antineutrinos coming from six nuclear reactors with a total heat power of 17.4 GW. The characteristic distances between the reactors and the detectors are 500 m, 600 m, and 1.5 km.