Ettore Fiorini is the son of Enoch Fiorini, one of the founders of the Italian Society of Endoscopy and a first cousin of the physiologist Enoch Peserico. He is Professor of Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics at the Milano-Bicocca University, he studies weak interactions and has taken part, together with Carlo Rubbia and Riccardo Giacconi, in neutrino studies using Gargamelle,the giant particle detector at CERN, thus contributing to the discovery of weak neutral currents. Fiorini performed the first experiment on the neutrinoless double beta-decay of Ge-76, using gemanium diodes, and has led the NUSEX research group that worked in a laboratory situated at 5000 m under the top of Mont Blanc. NUSEX has determined limits for the lifetimes of nuclei applying innovative results on the penetrant component of cosmic rays. Fiorini has contributed to realization of the Gallex experiment (Gallium experiment) at the National Laboratories of Gran Sasso (LNGS) with essential results from a research of solar neutrino interactions, based on the proton-proton chain. At present, he dedicates himself to the construction of a thermic apparatus for studying the lifetimes of nuclei undergoing rare neutrinoless double beta-decays. Together with his group he is preparing a series of TeO2 crystals appropriate for studying the lifetimes of nuclei undergoing neutrinoless double beta-decays, as well as dark matter and solar axions. He is active in the research and development of microbolometers for X-ray spectroscopy and studies of the lifetime of Re-187, which might contribute to the measurement of the antineutrino mass. The results achieved by Fiorini on the transition energies and lifetimes of nuclei are the most precise ones hitherto obtained at a world level. In 2007 Ettore Fiorini won the Enrico Fermi Prize of the Italian Society of Physics for his “contribution to the discovery of weak neutral currents and to the research of solar neutrinos”. The two other winners of the Prize, awarded in 2007 on other grounds, were Milla Baldo Ceolin and Italo Mannelli.

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