antoninozichichiAntonino Zichichi is an Italian physicist, emeritus professor of Advanced Physics at the University of Bologna, has authored over 1000 scientific papers which include: six discoveries, five inventions, three original ideas which opened new avenues in high energy subnuclear physics and four high-precision measurements of fundamental physics properties.


The first example of nuclear Antimatter, the Antideuteron; the Effective Energy in the forces which act between quarks and gluons; the electromagnetic structure of the proton in the "time-like" region; the first example of a baryonic particle having a quark of the 3rd family; the leading effect in the production of baryons with flavour charges of the second and the third family of quarks; that the last constituent of our universe, the proton, cannot be broken down.


A new method for constructing high-precision polynomial magnetic fields; a new technology able to detect, with extremely powerful efficiency, lepton-antilepton pairs; a new electronic device to determine, with 70 picoseconds precision, the time of flight of subnuclear particles; the neutron missing-mass spectrometer with high resolution power in space and time; the Multigap Resistive Plate Chamber (MRPC), a new charged-particle detector with world record in time resolution.

Original Ideas

That of a third leptonic column in the elementary particles structure, which led to the discovery of the third lepton; that of the study of new vector meson states decaying into neutral lepton pairs, which led to the discovery of vector mesons composed of quark-antiquark pairs of the second and third columns of the elementary particles structure; that of computing the effect of the evolution of gaugino masses in the convergence of the fundamental forces, which led to the discovery of the so-called EGM Effect, thus lowering by a factor of 700 the level of energy required for the discovery of the Superworld, an energy level whose absolute value is still unknown.

High-precision Measurements

Of the universal weak coupling constant; of the muon magnetic moment; of the universality of the electromagnetic forces at very high energy; of the quark mixings in the pseudoscalar and in the vector meson states.

At present, he is the director of the LAA project at CERN, he is the chairman of the ToF project of the ALICE experiment for the LHC (CERN); at DESY (Hamburg) he is responsible for the Italian component of the ZEUS experiment with the HERA collider; at the GRAN SASSO underground laboratory he is the spokesperson of the LVD experiment.


The great projects of European Physics: LEP at CERN (Geneva-CH), GRAN SASSO at INFN (Italy), HERA at DESY (Germany) and LAA at CERN are all linked to his name, for his seminal contributions in their conception consequent study and implementation phases. The LEP Project provided for the most powerful research tool for the study of the interaction between electrons and positrons. The GRAN SASSO Project provided for the largest underground laboratory in the world for the study of cosmic neutrinos and of those generated in CERN, for the study of matter stability and of Supernovae. The HERA Project provided for the most powerful laboratory for the study of the interactions between electrons and quarks. The LAA Project was the first in the world to systematically study and invent new subnuclear technologies. At present, he is the director at INFN of the ELN Project for the study of the most powerful proton supercollider at the highest levels of energy and luminosity.