И.П. Иванов

Igor Ivanov (CFTP, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon) will give at DLNP a lecture course on neutrino mass models. The lectures will start with basics on Dirac and Majorana neutrinos and their mass terms and will proceed with various tree-level and radiative examples of the seesaw mechanism. Then, after a gentle introduction to the theory of finite groups, an example will be shown of how symmetry-based lepton sectors shape the PMNS mixing matrix.


31.10.2017 — 10:30-12:30

01.11.2017 — 10:30-12:30

02.11.2017 — 10:30-12:30

07.11.2017 — 10:30-12:30

08.11.2017 — 10:30-12:30

09.11.2017 — 10:30-12:30