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Prof. V.A. Bednyakov,
Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems,
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research,
Joliot-Curie 6, 141980, Dubna,
Moscow region, Russia
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Some important physics documents: 

28.05.2018 Book about JINR participation in experiment ATLAS at CERN in 1992-2015 (in Russian). (pdf, 14Mb) 
12.05.2018 Broshure about JINR in modern Particle Physics (in English), published in PEPAN. With N.A.Rusakovich (pdf, 6.8Mb) 
08.09.2017 Broshure about JINR in modern Particle Physics (in Russian). For 60th JINR anniversary. With N.A.Rusakovich (pdf, 11Mb) 
13.05.2014 The JINR Neutrino Program. White Book. 2014. Edited together with D.V. Naumov (pdf, 64Mb). 

Some interesting files: 

15.07.2016 Paper about Science, State and Society - Znanie-Sila, 6, 2013 (with N.A.Russakovich, scan, pdf, 4Mb) 
25.11.2012 Paper about Science, State and Society ... interplay (in Russian with N.A.Russakovich, pdf, 113kb) 
03.12.2012 Paper about Science, State and Society ... interplay (in English with N.A.Russakovich, pdf, 83kb) 
24.07.2012 Some (after)words for the "JINR-55" book (in Russian, pdf, 62kb) 
24.07.2012 Afterwords for E.M.Molchanov book (in Russian, pdf, 0.25Mb) 
26.12.2011 Перевод на русский статьи "Big Science and the LHC" G.Giudice, arXiv:1106.2443" (pdf, 346kb) 
11.11.2011 Table from "Big Science and the LHC" paper by G.Giudice, arXiv:1106.2443" (pdf, 108kb) 
22.03.2011 Popular Paper about Grid (in Russian), "Znanie-Sila, 10, 2010" (pdf, 415kb) 
22.03.2011 Popular Paper about Dark Matter, Carbon and Life (in Russian), "Znanie-Sila, 4, 2010" (pdf, 3.5Mb) 
23.03.2009 "Why we (and you) need this LHC" (in Russian from "Znanie-Sila, 3, 2009", pdf, 3.3Mb) 
06.01.2008 Popular Paper about Science, (from Nezavisimaja gazeta, 14.11.2007), (pdf, 107kb) 

Papers in "Dubna" Newspaper (in Russian): 

13.11.2017 Akademia of Science ... looked from everyman (published in "Dubna" in Russian, 3.6Mb, pdf) 
01.09.2017 Life, its Meaning and a Role of Science (published in "Dubna" in Russian, 4.5Mb, pdf) 
12.01.2017 Answers to questions of Editor about 7-year plans. Finished and Future, published in "Dubna" (in Russian, pdf, 2.2Mb) 
05.11.2016 About Science from 2001. Some predictions and some analysis, published in "Dubna" (in Russian, pdf, 1.7Mb) 
04.03.2013 Comments about Human Mind for astrobiological paper, published in "Dubna" (in Russian, pdf, 0.074Mb) 
09.07.2012 From my afterwords for E.M.Molchanov book (in Russian, pdf, 0.25Mb) 

09.07.2012 Prof. V.P. Zrelov is 85, and Prof. O.V.Savchenko is 80! (with Others, in Russian, pdf, 0.28Mb) 
09.07.2012 Peter Jenni in JINR 11.08.2009 (in Russian, pdf, 0.08Mb) 
08.07.2012 Prof. L.I.Lapidus 80th birthday. (in Russian, pdf, 0.12Mb) 
08.07.2012 Prof. S.A.Bunyatov is 75! (with B.Popov, in Russian, pdf, 0.25Mb) 
16.04.2017 Prof. S.A.Bunyatov is 80! (with B.Popov, in Russian, pdf, 3.3Mb Dubna-newspaper) 
08.07.2012 Prof. N.A.Russakovich is 50! (with others, in Russian, pdf, 0.10Mb) 
09.07.2012 Nikolay Topilin - kand. tekh. nayk. (in Russian, pdf, 0.07Mb) 
08.07.2012 Prof. A.S.Kurilin is 60! (in Russian, pdf, 0.09Mb) 
06.07.2012 Prof. H.V.Klapdor-Kleingrothaus is 70! (in Russian, pdf, 0.35Mb) 
06.07.2012 Or, He saw the massive neutrino trace! (in Russian, pdf, 0.77Mb) 
10.01.2012 Prof. H.V.Klapdor-Kleingrothaus is 70! (in English, pdf, 2.5Mb) 

Materials for Yu.V.Gaponov's memorial book 
28.07.2014 Yu.V.Gaponov in my life. By V.A.Bednaykov (in Russian, pdf, 0.124Mb) 
28.07.2014 Yu.V.Gaponov - organizer of JINR-KI cooperation (2004). By V.A.Bednyakov (in Russian, pdf, 3.4Mb) 
28.07.2014 Yu.V.Gaponov worked at JINR Nuclear Physics PAC. By V.A.Bednyakov (in Russian, pdf, 6.1Mb) 
28.07.2014 Photos with Yu.V.Gaponov at INR-JINR-KI neutrino program meeting in 2006. (pdf, 15.1Mb) 
28.07.2014 Photos with Yu.V.Gaponov, 2005-2006. (pdf, 3.1Mb) 
28.07.2014 Yu.V.Gaponov about RHL of JINR, 2006. (pdf, 0.3Mb) 

About experiment ATLAS and LHC 
04.09.2017 ATLAS experiment at the middle of his way. About meeting in Montenegro JINR in ATLAS 25th (in Russian, pdf, 3.2Mb) 
24.07.2012 Interview about Higgs boson and essay about Neutrinos (in Russian, pdf, 0.11Mb) 
09.07.2012 About ATLAS Upgrade meeting in JINR 19.11.2010, part 1 (with N.Russakovich, in Russian, pdf, 0.11Mb) 
09.07.2012 About ATLAS Upgrade meeting in JINR 19.11.2010, part 2 (with N.Russakovich, in Russian, pdf, 0.05Mb) 
09.07.2012 ATLAS Workshop in JINR 12.01.2009 (in Russian, pdf, 0.08Mb) 
09.07.2012 ATLAS Workshop in JINR 24.05.2011 (in Russian, pdf, 0.07Mb) 
09.07.2012 Meeting of JINR ATLAS Worksing Group in JINR 25.05.2010 (in Russian, pdf, 0.32Mb) 
09.07.2012 Meeting of ATLAS Higgs Worksing Group in JINR 11.05.2010 (in Russian, pdf, 0.07Mb) 
08.07.2012 On Heavy Ions ATLAS meeting at Dubna 12-13 May 2008 (with V.Pozdnyakov, in Russian, pdf, 0.05Mb) 
12.07.2012 ATLAS Week at Bern 7-11 July 2008 (with N.Russakovich, in Russian, pdf, 0.05Mb) 
18.11.2009 "Physics at LHC" (in Russian from "Dubna", 46-47, Dec. 2004", pdf, 344kb) 

About DLNP and JINR 
21.09.2012 Bruno Pontecorvo neutrino school in Alushta 6-16.09.2012 (with A.Olshevsky and O.Samoilov, in Russian, pdf, 1.17Mb) 
09.07.2012 Russian Science day Colloquium 8.2.2011, part 1 (with E.Yakushev and M.Shirchenko, in Russian, pdf, 0.07Mb) 
09.07.2012 Russian Science day Colloquium 8.2.2011, part 2 (with E.Yakushev and M.Shirchenko, in Russian, pdf, 0.06Mb) 
09.07.2012 About Dark Matter search with EDELWEISS setup at JINR (with E.Yakushev, in Russian, pdf, 0.41Mb) 
09.07.2012 About JINR cooperation with Mainz (with Yu.Usov, in Russian, pdf, 0.42Mb) 
09.07.2012 Popular paper about grid, part 1 (with V.Korenkov, in Russian, pdf, 0.07Mb) 
09.07.2012 Popular paper about grid, part 2 (with V.Korenkov, in Russian, pdf, 0.2Mb) 
09.07.2012 About Seismology and Nuclear exposures (with A.Guskov and G.Chelkov, in Russian, pdf, 0.08Mb) 
09.07.2012 About Neutrino Seminar at DLNP 11.11.2008 (in Russian, pdf, 0.33Mb) 
08.07.2012 About Beyond-02 conference and neutrinos. (in Russian, pdf, 1.24Mb) 
31.01.2008 Popular Paper about LIT as a basic JINR facility (in Russian), (pdf, 77kb) 
28.03.2012 Special Booklet about Czech scientists in Dubna (in English, with B.M.Starchenko, pdf, 8.3Mb) 
28.04.2011 Draft of Special Booklet about Polish scientists in Dubna (Text in English, pdf, 3.2Mb) 
28.04.2011 Draft of Special Booklet about Polish scientists in Dubna (Photo-insertions in English, pdf, 0.9Mb) 

Perhaps, some interesting files: 

07.10.2017 Russain Academy of Science ... one view outside (in Russian, 165kb, pdf) 
24.06.2017 Some text about Life, its Meaning and a Role of Science (in Russian, 148kb, pdf) 
16.05.2015 Antiscience as it seen from the science. Published in Troitsky Variant 202, 19.04.2016. (in Russian, 94kb, pdf) 
27.07.2014 Scientific view (subjective) at Anti-Science (in Russian, 185kb, pdf) 
30.03.2014 Basnja about Work and Genius (in Russian, 59kb, Some entertainment to smile) 
29.03.2013 Brief 2013 Curriculum Vitae in English and in Russian 
04.03.2013 Short CV published in JINR NEWS in 2009 
20.05.2004 CV-2004.pdf (110kb) with 2004 list of publications 
31.12.1998 Old list of main publication 

Some videos: 

02.11.2015 Video-lecture at CERN for Russian Teachers about Higgs, SM, etc 

Some talks: 

09.04.2015 Talk at Physics Institute of Krakov about New JINR Neutrino Program (136 Mb) 
02.11.2015 Lecture given (see video) at CERN for Russian Teachers about Higgs, SM (70 Mb) 
16.04.2016 Talk given at JINR session of RAS about JINR Neutrino Program (203 Mb) 
23.08.2016 Talk at CERN for Russian Schoolboys about Particle Physics (43 Mb) 

Some auxiliary files: 

22.11.2017 An official letter to JINR DG from DLNP Director about Guard-service at the LNP-gates (pdf, 76kb) 
08.07.2017 Draft-03 (with page numbering) of a book about JINR in ATLAS in 1994-2017 (pdf, 488Mb) 
28.03.2017 All figures for Draft-02 of a paper about JINR in ATLAS before and in RUN-I (zip, 230Mb) 



Doctor of Physics and Mathematics
Director of the Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems of JINR since 2013
Scientific Secretary of the Council on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics
Russian Academy of Sciences since 2012
Head of the JINR Neutrino Programme since 2013
Team Leader of the JINR group in the ATLAS experiment at CERN since 2013
Author of more than 160 personal papers and reviews on elementary particle physics, dark matter problem, and neutrino physics
Co-author of about 600 papers within the ATLAS Collaboration
Author of a number of popular science articles.