Manufacture of all parts for two professional inclinometers has been accomplished at the DLNP Workshop. The next stage is assembly and commissioning of the inclinometers at CERN. By the end of the year, the DLNP scientists will supply five of these new instruments to CERN and put them into operation. The work is carried out at the Department of Multiple Hadronic Processes under the leadership of Prof. J. Budagov within the JINR–CERN agreement and is aimed at stabilizing spatial positions of beams for increasing the LHC luminosity.

The high-precision instrument of the new generation, Precision Laser Inclinometer, makes it possible to monitor angular oscillations of the Earth in two orthogonal directions in the range of 10-6–4 Hz with a maximum sensitivity of 2.4∙10-11 rad/Hz1/2. It reliably detects angular inclinations of the Earth surface caused by the Moon, the Sun, distant (over 104 km away) earthquakes, the microseismic peak, and industrial sources.