Within the dark matter community, there is increasing interest in developing novel detector technologies with sensitivity to a wide range of dark matter candidates, complementing the many planned large-exposure searches for weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs).

Two recent results from the DarkSide-50 detector, a dual-phase liquid argon time projection chamber (LAr TPC) located at the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso (LNGS), Italy, demonstrated the ability to extend the reach of a LAr TPC to WIMPs with masses below 10 GeV/c2 that scatter off nuclei (low-mass WIMPs), and to DM particles that scatter off electrons with masses down to 20 MeV/c2 (electron-scattering DM).

At the seminar, the current ongoing effort for a tonne-scale LAr TPC was discussed, as well as the low energy nuclear recoil calibration experiment. Also, a sensitivity study for a neutrinoless double-beta decay experiment with liquid argon and xenon mixture was presented and the application of liquid noble gas detector technology to medical use as well.