A.THOMAS, M.BIROTH, S.RUNKEL, V.TIOUKINE "Исследования поляризационных эффектов": Дубна-Майнц-Бонн.
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Wednesday 07 March 2018, 11:00 - 13:00
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1. A.THOMAS (Mainz-Univ.), "A2" – collaboration, results, plans";
2. M.BIROTH (Mainz-Univ.), "Active Polarized Proton Target – Development, calibration and Experiment";
3. S.RUNKEL (Bonn – Univ.), "The Polarized Target at CBELSA/TAPS";
4. V.TIOUKINE (Mainz – Univ.), "Status of the Polarized Atomic Hydrogen Target at MAMI&MESA".
Location DLNP conference hall