Fabrice Puquemal: "Modane underground laboratory and related activities."
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Monday 29 October 2018, 11:00 - 13:00
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The Modane Undeground laboratory (LSM) is the deepest laboratory in Western Europe. The activities started in 1981 for the Taup experiment looking for the proton decay.

The main activities of the LSM are in Particle and nuclear physics requiring low radioactivity conditions such as SuperNEMO for neutrino physics and EDELWEISS for dark matter search. There are also experiments looking for new radioactivity like double electron capture (TGV) or super heavy elements in nature (SHIN). The development of low radioactivity techniques has allowed the development of interdisciplinary activities in biology, nano-electronics, environmental sciences, climate, oceanography, effect on human activities on the environment, archaeology,….

The LSM activities will be presented as well as a status of the SuperNEMO demonstrator and the other experiments with contributions from JINR Dubna.

Location DLNP conference hall
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