Dmitry Vadimovich Naumov

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Senior Researcher

Scientific interests

Scientific Interests

  • Neutrino high energy physics, neutrino oscillations, quantum field theory, astroparticle physics, spin physics




  • Linux/UNIX
  • C++/C, FORTRAN
  • Perl, AWK, WEB



  • 2014-till now Deputy Director of DLNP JINR
  • 2006-2014 head of Sector N1 of NEOFECH LNP JINR (essentially astronu group)
  • 2004-2006 INFN fellowship (Florence, Italy)
  • 2002-2003 CR2 researcher LAPP (Annecy, France)
  • 2000-2002 researcher LNP JINR
  • 1997-2000 PhD student in LNP JINR


  • 1982–1990 High School N15, Irkutsk
  • 1990–1992 Lyceum under Irkutsk State University, Irkutsk
  • 1992-1997 Irkutsk State University,
    • Department of Radio-Physics and Electronics and
    • Department of Theoretical Physics
    • Academic year research works
      • (1994-1995) Four-fermion QCD inspired model
      • (1995-1996) Three particles bound state in the Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model
      • (1996-1997) Diploma of Physicist (performed at Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics) Title of the Master Thesis: “Nuclear Fusion from Molecular States and Electron Screening in Nuclear Reactions. Thesis Advisors: Prof. V.B.Belyaev and Dr. F.M. Penkov (JINR)
    • (1997-2000) PhD student of Irkutsk State University and LNP JINR
    • (2001) PhD in field of Physics and Atomic Nucleus and Elementary Particles (JINR, Dubna) Title of the PhD Thesis:Strange Particles Production and Measurement of Lambda and Lambda-bar polarization in neutrino interactions in the NOMAD experiment at CERN Thesis Advisors: Prof. S.A.Bunyatov and Dr. B.A.Popov

Personal Info and My family

  • Birth : July, 12 1975 (Kemerovo, Russia)
  • Marital status: married in 2000 with Elena Naumova Elena Naumova.jpg
  • Children:
    • son, Andrei (2001)
    • daughter, Polina (2006)
  • Spoken languages: Russian, English, Italian, French

Awards, Premiums

  • 2012 The First Prize of JINR scientific works in 2012 in Experimental Physics ( together with: V.Vorobel, M.Gonchar, Yu.Gornushkin, R.Leitner, I.Nemchenok, A.Olshevskiy)
  • 2010 JINR fellowship for young candidates
  • 2009 JINR fellowship for young candidates
  • 2006 First Premium of LNP JINR (together with A.V.Chukanov, O.B.Samoylov and B.A.Popov)
  • 2005 Grant of President of Russian Federation to young Candidate of Sciences
  • 2004 Grant of President of Russian Federation to young Candidate of Sciences
  • 2004 Second Premium of LNP JINR (together with E.A.Naumova, A.V.Chukanov and B.A.Popov)
  • 2001 Fellowship of Bruno Pontecorvo
  • 2001 Second Premium of JINR (together with S.A.Bunyatov, D.V.Kustov, A.Chukanov, Yu.P.Merekov and B.A.Popov)
  • 2001 Premium of JINR (together with A.V.Chukanov and B.A.Popov)
  • 2001 Premium of LNP JINR (together with A.V.Chukanov and B.A. Popov)
  • 2000 First Premium of LNP JINR (together with S.A.Bunyatov, D.V.Kustov, A.Chukanov, Yu.P.Merekov and B.A.Popov)
  • 1999 Soros PhD Fellowship Winner
  • 1998 Soros PhD Fellowship Winner
  • 1997 First Premium of OMUS JINR
  • 1997 Fist Premium of Diploma works at Irkutsk State University


Sharing expertise


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Educational activity


  • Физика нейтрино сегодня. Доклад на семинаре "Физика на LHC". 20 июня 2012.pdf
  • Космология. Лекция для школьников. 02 апреля 2012.ppt


  • Outlook of neutrino physics today. Lecture at Baikal School 2011 pdf
  • Современная космология или как объяснить школьнику что такое темная материя? Популярная лекция для учителей физики (27 июня 2011. УНЦ ОИЯИ). Прочитана также на Байкальской школе по физике элементарных частиц и астрофизике (3-10 июля 2011) ppt


  • Краткое введение в физику нейтрино. Лекция для студетов СНГ (16 декабря 2010, ЛЯП ОИЯИ) pdf
  • Космология и нейтрино. Популярная лекция для учителей физики (5 июля 2010. УНЦ ОИЯИ) ppt
  • Физика Нейтрино. Семинар в ЛФЧ ОИЯИ (11 июня 2010) pdf


  • Космология. Популярная лекция для школьников (13 октября 2009. Школа 8, Дубна) ppt + animation in one zip file




  • Cosmology. Moscow State University. April 2005 Lecture.pdf


  • Irkutsk People in Dubna. Baikal Winter School. Febraury 2004 Talk.pdf
  • Strange Particles Production in Neutrino Interactions. Alushta. September 2004 Lecture.ppt