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The workshop of the Baikal-GVD collaboration goes on in the conference hall of RCL DLNP. The experience gained after the facility with five clusters had started its functioning, as well as temporary results and preparation for the installation of two more clusters in 2020 are under discussion.


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Press release of Baikal-GVD project 2019

Moscow, April 23, 2019

Institute for Nuclear Research RAS

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research

Irkutsk State University

Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University

 Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics of the Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic 

Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of the Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia

Krakow Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN, Poland

EvoLogics Gmbh, Berlin


Two new clusters of optical modules of the Baikal deep underwater neutrino telescope, Baikal-GVD, were put into operation. The effective volume of the facility, which already includes five clusters, increased to 0.25 km3.

Organization-members of the international scientific collaboration “Baikal” report that two clusters of the deep-underwater neutrino telescope of cubic-kilometer scale, Baikal-GVD, were brought into operation during the expedition to Lake Baikal from 15 February to 12 April 2019 as the result of joint research, developments, and production in the 2018 – 2019 and assembly.

Read more ...Байкальская экспедиция 2019 года входит в свою заключительную фазу. Работы на льду завершены. Сегодня утром люди и техника ушли с берега.
Два новых кластера установлены за время этой экспедиции! Проведены ремонтные и профилактические работы на трех кластерах, смонтированных в 2015-2018 годах. Проложены две глубоководных кабельных линии. Выполненный объем работ беспрецедентен.



Read more ...The workshop on the BAIKAL-GVD project has been held at DLNP on 27 - 29 November 2018.

A regular winter expedition to Lake Baikal has come to an end. The first clusters are fully repaired. The third cluster is put into operation. All the work needed for installation of three clusters is done. This will allow 2–3 clusters to be installed during the next expeditions. 

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The “Baikal-GVD” project (Gigaton Volume Detector) is the main project of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in the field of neutrino physics carried out by the Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems. The first cluster of the cubic kilometer scale neutrino telescope is called “Dubna” and has been operating for two years now. 

The Scientific Information department of the JINR, 2018.

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The workshop on the BAIKAL-GVD project has been held at DLNP on 28 November–1 December 2017.  Фото из Галереи

 Igor Belolaptikov speaks about the deep-water 1-km3 neutrino telescope at Lake Baikal (BAIKAL-GVD Project).